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If you need help with your MixMeister product, please choose one of the following options.  We recommend you follow the order below, so that you can get the quickest solution to the problem you may be experiencing.

1. Problem Solving
Having trouble getting your product to do what you want?  Chances are that the problem you're experiencing is documented in our Frequently Asked Questions section.
2. Upgrades
Want to make sure you’re using the latest version of Mixmeister? Please download our latest trial version. As of V7.7 to facilitate our new account based system you will need a new free serial. Use our Email Notification Utility to see if you’re eligible for a V7.7 or greater free serial number upgrade.
3. More Help
Still stuck?  We're happy to help if your problem isn't already addressed in one of our FAQs.  Fill out our Technical Support Request Form and a support representative will get to work on your issue.

Return and Refund Policy - Software

We offer a FREE trial version of our software to ensure that our customers get a chance to thoroughly evaluate our products before making a decision to buy. We encourage our customers to download, install and fully test the trial versions of our products to determine which one is right for them. As such, MixMeister does not offer refunds on software that has been purchased on and delivered to customers via download or physical shipment. If you have purchased MixMeister from an authorized reseller and want to return it for some reason, please contact your dealer to determine their policy on software returns and refunds.