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Meet Jean, an Express user.

Meet MadameFly, a Studio user.

Meet DJ HTB, a Fusion user.

Meet DJ Melvin, a vinyl hold-out.

MixMeister DJ Mixing Software
When the mix really matters.

MixMeister software isn't quite like anything else on the market. It's designed for people who care enough about their music to refine a mix until it’s perfect, rather than throw everything together on the fly and hope that it sounds OK. You won't be limited by on-screen simulations of turntables or CD players, either -- you can "tweak" any part of your mix creation in a timeline instead. When you've got the mix just the way you want it, you can play it, burn it to CD, stream it over the Web, or reshape it in real-time for live performances.

MixMeister Express
If you've heard great music mixes before and always wished you could create them yourself, now you can. MixMeister Express puts pro-level capabilities like automated beat matching and tempo adjustments within everyone's reach.

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MixMeister Studio
If you're serious about creating mind-blowing mixes, you need MixMeister Studio. When you can already hear the perfect mix in your head, and just need a tool to bring it out into the world, Studio can do it.
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MixMeister Fusion
If you make a living mixing music in front of an audience, MixMeister Fusion gives you rock-solid performance features and a deep feature set. Fusion has the precision and power of Studio, plus live performance controls, dual audio outputs, and more.
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MixMeister BPM Analyzer
MixMeister BPM Analyzer is a program you can use to determine the exact BPM (beats per minute) of any song.
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