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Congratulations on your Purchase of a Mixmeister Live enabled product!

What is MixMeister Fusion Live?

Mixmeister Fusion Live is a special version of Fusion offered free with the Numark Omni, Stealth and Mixmeister Controls. Fusion Live provides you with all the live features needed to start DJing with Mixmeister and is intended to give you an introduction to Fusion.

Download Fusion Live

What is the difference between Fusion Live and Fusion?

Fusion Live does not have the Full features of Fusion such as mp3 export, the included VST library and CD burning. Please consult our product comparison chart for more information and the full list of features.

What can I expect with my Hardware?

Mixmeister Fusion Live will offer you a certain number of tracks you can mix at one time based on the hardware you use:

  • Stealth Control will unlock two stereo tracks
  • Omni Control will unlock two stereo tracks
  • Mixmeister Control will unlock four stereo tracks.

Did you know?

The full version of Fusion will offer you the ability to mix eight tracks concurrently.

Can I upgrade to Fusion?

Yes it is possible to upgrade to Fusion for $145.99 as part of a special promotion with Numark.

How do I upgrade?

To take advantage of our special upgrade offer please contact our Florida Sales Team.
[Toll Free for US residents] +1-888-800-0681
[International Callers] +1-954-761-7550