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What is EZ Vinyl/Audio Converter?

EZ Vinyl/Audio converter was developed in conjunction with our Partners Ion Audio and Numark to be the easiest way to convert analogue media.

If you've got an USB turntable or cassette deck with EZ Vinyl/Audio Converter you have the power to convert your vinyl or tapes straight to your iTunes library.

EZ is designed to be the simplest way to convert your Tapes/ to MP3 on your computer.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  • STEP 1 - Play your tapes/Vinyl and click RECORD in EZ Tape Converter to begin recording.
  • STEP 2 - Click the NEW TRACK button when needed, then enter the song data. When finished, songs go straight into iTunes!
  • STEP 3 - Use iTunes to create playlists, organize your music, listen to your songs on the computer or transfer to your iPod.

It’s like magic. The next thing you know you are listening to your old cassettes or Vinyl is in iTunes or your iPod.

How can I purchase EZ Vinyl/Audio Converter?

EZ Vinyl / Audio Converter is available only with select conversion hardware from our partners and cannot be purchased separately. EZ is designed to automatically detect authorized hardware to save you time.

EZ Vinyl/Audio Converter is currently included in “Ion Audio” and “Numark” conversion products. It is also now available with select “Brookstone” products.

What are the features of EZ?

The simplest way to convert your analogue audio.

  • Record audio from Tape or Vinyl (Depending on the hardware attached) in three simple steps.
  • Automatically transfers your recording to iTunes for management and transfer to an iPod.
  • Recordings compatible with iPod and other popular mp3 players.
  • Auto Split Tracks (Using MixMeister exclusive technology – Patent Pending)
  • Quickly name tracks and albums after transfer.

EZ Tape/Vinyl Updates and Support.

Software updates and support is provided by our hardware partners you can find the latest versions and contact details here:

ION Audio
ION Audio makes all-in-one, value-priced, plug-and-play devices that enhance your A/V, gaming, home entertainment, and computer experience. ION Audio turns advanced technologies into all-in-one, easy-to-afford, solutions.

EZ Converter - Software Download Page

ION Audio Support

Numark is obsessed with designing equipment that meets the individual need of every DJ. That's why the sound of Numark has been present in scratches, breaks, and beats for more than 30 years.

EZ Converter - Software Download Page

Numark Support


Brookstone is a nationwide specialty retailer offering an assortment of consumer products that are functional in purpose, distinctive in quality and design and not widely available from other retailers.

Brookstone Product Drivers

E-Mail Support.