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Meet Jean, an Express user.

Meet MadameFly, a Studio user.

Meet DJ HTB, a Fusion user.

Meet DJ Melvin, a vinyl hold-out.

What's Up at MixMeister

Check here for comings, goings, mentions, and other tidbits from MixMeister and from our users...

MixMeister revs Studio to version 7.6

An upgrade to MixMeister Studio is now available.  This new version is based on our new MixMeister Fusion product, and you can find details about it on the  Studio product page.

BULLZ-EYE.COM reviews MixMeister Express 7

"MixMeister analyzes songs and plots transitions from one song to the next is, well, ridiculously smart...exactly what I'm looking for." That's what BULLZ-EYE.COM had to say about MixMeister Express 7. Read the entire review here

FREE MixMeister Scratch For iPhone And iPod Touch.

Scratch anywhere, anytime. Download MixMeister Scratch for free from the iTunes App Store right now and scratch on top of your music in seconds. Check it out.

FREE MixMeister BPM Analyzer For Mac Or PC.

Determine the exact BPM (beats per minute) of almost any song automatically. Update ID3 tags in your music files with BPM information and print BPM reports for your entire music collection. The price is right.

International DJ Magazine Reviews Mixmeister Control

Check out International DJ Magazine’s review of MixMeister Control, the controller specifically designed for MixMeister software. "If you’re prepared to look outside the box and are looking for a different DJ experience... then you should check this setup out." Read the entire review here.

CNET Reviews Mixmeister Express

CNET reviewed MixMeister Control, recommending it as a fun program, giving it a rating of Very Good. "It's every bit as addictive and fun as a good video game, MixMeister Express 6.0 is a great option for anyone who's interested in making DJ-style mixes...” CNET also loved the ease of use, saying “even if you don't know a beat from a measure, you can handle this software." Read all about it.

See The New MixMeister Control Video

DJs know that the mouse simply is not a performance instrument. Enter MixMeister Control: the controller we developed with Numark specifically for performing with MixMeister Fusion Live software. You’ll be ready to kiss your mouse goodbye when you watch this video.

Now selling selected DJ hardware

We thought with Numark now distributing our products around the globe (see below) it would be nice to, ya know, return the favor.  So we've chosen a few products we love from Numark's DJ hardware line and you can now buy them right here.  View these items on our DJ hardware page.

MixMeister announces worldwide distribution deal with Numark

We're delighted to announce that we have entered into an exclusive distribution arrangement with Numark Industries, for all our products.  This will be a very close partnership, and it means that you'll soon be able to purchase MixMeister software at the Numark retailer in your area.

They will also be assisting us with customer service and support, with faster response times, greater support availability, and new telephone support options, among other things.

We couldn't be more excited about this partnership, and you can look forward to great bundles combining innovative hardware and software soon.

Yes, the Fusion video module is ready!

As promised, we've released an add-on video mixing module for MixMeister Fusion.  We took what we learned from our previous video products and focused on delivering rock-solid support for video playback of MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and WMV files, with support for transitions, text overlays, and more.  Upgrade information is available on the Fusion + Video page of this site.

All-new MixMeister Fusion released

After an extensive (and exhausting) development effort, we're proud to announce MixMeister Fusion, a brand new product designed to replace MixMeister Pro.  Fusion has been designed from the ground up to combine the fluid, on-the-fly capabilities of live performances with the pinpoint precision of the best studio production apps.  It's got lots of sexy new features, and you can can read all about them on the Fusion page of this site.

Granddaddy DJ plays the Avalon

Longtime MixMeister user, Granddaddy DJ, played at the Avalon in New York in October. Digitally Imported also streamed the event live. This was the big apple's chance to see a top-notch DJ who has been mixing music since before electricity was invented.

Remix writes up MixMeister Pro

Here's a great summary from the table of contents: "This digital DJ software package makes it so damn easy to mix tracks that anyone who buys it is destined to be a star -- we promise."  Read the full Remix Magazine review here.

MixMeister releases Propaganda for podcast production

We've just released Propaganda 1.0, a new product which can create high-quality podcast shows with a minimum of effort. Propaganda lets you record or import voice, music, sound effects & other audio sources, reorder and edit clips on a timeline, and mix voice recordings over background music for commercial-quality results. When your show is complete, simply click the Publish button to upload a completed podcast to your web site, with full RSS, XML and HTML support. There's more information on the new Propaganda website at

MixMeister Pro gets a 5-star review from iDJ magazine

Calling it "a great package" and "a more intuitive system," International DJ magazine awards a 5-star rating to MixMeister Pro 5.  Clearly the iDJ editors "get" the product and understand what makes it so powerful and so unique.  Read the review at

MixMeister BPM Analyzer is released as freeware

We've recently released a simple but powerful software program called MixMeister BPM Analyzer, and we're giving it away for free. It's not a trial, it's not a "lite" version, but a fully-functional tool for DJs. If you're an existing MixMeister customer, you won't have any need to use this program yourself, but you're welcome to distribute this tool to friends and colleagues if you'd like.

We've designed this as a "one-trick pony," meaning it does one thing and does it extremely well, to give users a taste of some of the advanced technology available in our MixMeister line of mixing software. It can automatically detect very precise BPM counts for any song in WAV, MP3 and WMA formats and display the results on-screen. It updates the tag information embedded in digital music files, and users can even print BPM reports for an entire music collection or export this information to Excel, so it can be a great help to any DJ regardless of what software they might use. It can also be useful for song selection even if a DJ is only mixing vinyl or CDs (provided that he has a digital copy of his songs on a PC for BPM Analyzer to read).

DJs can download a copy at no charge from You can use and distribute MixMeister BPM Analyzer completely free of charge for non-commercial purposes.

Harmonic mixing expert posts keymixing tutorial

Mark from Camelot Sound contributes an overview of how to mix harmonically (by key, that is) in this user-submitted tutorial. Thanks, Mark!

Read it at

CPU review: Meister Express is "simultaneously powerful and extremely easy to use"

Computer Power User magazine (a.k.a. CPU) writes up MixMeister Express, saying, "Express is plenty powerful for budding enthusiasts."  Read the full review here.